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Since the arrival of its first edition in 1977, this book of James Monacowas greatlyadmired by film scholars and students. A number of revised editions have been published by the author later onin order to incorporate the revolutionary aspects of media and technology. The book covers the nature of art and how different...

‘Barbara’: Cannes Review

This is a loving tribute not only to the late Barbara (1930-97), the inimitable singing icon of the French chanson, but also to the star of this film, Jeanne Balibar, whose brilliant performance is boosted here by her uncanny physical resemblance to the late“Dame en noir”, as Barbara used to be called by...

‘More’: Karlovy Vary Review

Adapted from author Hakan Günday prize-winning novel of the same name, More takes a hard-nosed approach when answering that central query. Saylak’s status as popular TV heartthrob and Günday’s literary renown should prompt greater curiosity than usual for a first-time film from an unseasoned director, but that publicity will come with a certain...

Long Walk to Life: The Films of Lav Diaz

Lav Diaz describes himself as a storyteller who makes films about the struggles of his people.1 In the past two decades, the Filipino film-maker has been fashioning a distinctive mode of epic melodrama. His films tell quiet tales of the sorrow and resilience of a people betrayed by the postcolonial nation state....

‘Dunkirk’: Review

A masterful Christopher Nolan flings the viewer into the air, the sea, and that beach for Dunkirk, his tense new navigation of the war film. From script level, which pilots three time frames and strafes his own fiction onto the reality of the Allied evacuation of June 1940, to its astonishing technical prowess,...