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a film by Saikat Mallick
While filmmakers and film viewers keep expressing dialectic points of view on the role of cinema in our lives, times and culture; Raqeeb, a boy of 7 largely oblivious to the world of cinema, diligently works as a projectionist in a dilapidated and lone cinema house in a nondescript Bangladeshi village named Chandpur.
While the grown-ups continuously try to imagine and construct young Raqeeb’s world in their own terms, this film named after the cinema house Koh-i-Noor tries to capture whether those views conform to Raqeeb’s own life and ideas.
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উত্তরণ : The New Dawn

Documentary Film
The subject of sexuality is still considered a taboo in this part of the world. There’s no such thing as sex education among girls and boys about to hit adolescence. As a result they grow up with skewed concepts, which gets reflected in risky behavior, untimely and unsafe pregnancy, eve teasing and rape, child marriage and child mortality. Under these circumstances, few local NGOs united under the name of Unite for Body Rights (UBR) are working with the aid of an INGO from Netherlands to raise awareness about body rights among local school students. This film explores the contrast between the sexual objectification prevalent in the society and the efforts of people to be aware of and exercise their body rights.
Produced by : Dushthya Sasthya kendra Bangladesh and UBR Netherlands.
Videography : Ashik Bhuiyan and Sai
Editing and Audiography : Sai
Direction: Saikat mallick.
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