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Channel for Fiction Non-Fiction Shorts

Our Shorts Their Shorts celebrate short films bringing awesome shorts from festivals, directors, producers, cinema schools and cinema clubs around the world. Film lovers and critics are participating as audiences and watching from our online VOD channel,  halls,  universities, and our film festivals across Bangladesh and all over the world, this love for short films has been exposed as a brief encounter of the increasingly popular kind.

We About Us

Our Shorts Their Shorts (OSTS) screens experimental and award-winning national international short films through online channel, offline local and international screening along with international film festival.

Our Shorts Their Shorts are making plan to do great things with international film distributors, film festivals, VOD channels, film awards, film review magazines.

OSTS CINE LAB is the workshop wing of Our Shorts Their Shorts initiative, with a mission to support young talents developing their artistic voices.